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Retro gaming is a culture and that's something you can't deny. The lifestyle is much more than just the games themselves, so understandably we've got a lot to say about them. Get our top lists on the best and worst games around, view our guided tours of retro gaming shops or even take a seat as we delve into gaming lore. Interviews are also up for grabs with game industry veterans, or should you fancy socialising...join the RetroCollect Retro Game Club.

Spine Chilling Retro Gaming Horror: Part 2 - Alone In The Dark


Part 2 of our Hallowe’en spooktacular centres on a title widely regarded as one of the forefathers of 3D survival horror.  It was one of the best looking games around when it was released, and won many awards to prove it.  

The title introduced a number of what would become staples in later instalments of its series, as well as establish [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 October 2012 )

Spine Chilling Retro Gaming Horror: Part 1 - Silent Hill


It’s Hallowe’en!  Well not quite – but as it’s almost the spookiest time of year, RetroCollect will be taking a look at some of the scariest games of all time. They may not all be pant-wettingly terrifying, but they all have something different to offer in making us uncomfortable.  The titles we’ll be looking at will be mostly retro, [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 October 2012 )

Ghostbusters: A Video Game History - Part Two


Welcome to the second part of our look back at the history of Ghostbusters video games. In this installment we visit those titles that took inspiration from the franchise’s second film as well as the new, and somewhat darker, animated series.

Last Updated ( 26 October 2012 )

Interview: Doc Isaac The Man Behind The Video Game Inspired Track Bullet Hell!


Classic video games and music are quickly merging together to create an all new genre for the nostalgic generation. Alongside the likes of our beloved chiptune artists and the many talented composers behind OCRemix are those who lurk behind the term 'nerdcore'. We sit down to discuss the pixels and polygons with musician Doc Isaac in something comp [ … ]

Last Updated ( 24 October 2012 )

Hiding In The Shadows: A Look Back At Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden Series


Frustratingly hard controller-breaking-action, yet somewhat addictive gameplay? You guessed it - Ninja Gaiden. Having spent twenty four years hiding in the shadows of the video game world, it's about time we took a closer look at the elusive series from Tecmo.

Last Updated ( 18 October 2012 )

Ghostbusters: A Video Game History - Part One


Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or your family ever seen a spook, specter, or ghost? If the answer is ‘yes,’ don’t wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals...Ghostbusters!

Last Updated ( 16 October 2012 )

Addicted Or Infected? Closer Look At The Roots Of Capcom's Resident Evil Series


This past week marked the release of the hugely anticipated Resident Evil 6. The title garnered mixed reviews but still managed to sell 4.5 million copies during its initial release window. Unless we're all infected with the T-Virus, there must be something luring us all back to Spencer Mansion for one more thrill kill.

Last Updated ( 09 October 2012 )

Top 5 Arcade/Neo-Geo SNK Games to Download from Playstation Network (PS3/PSP)

Over the past year or so, SNK have been bombarding the Playstation Store with ports of their old arcade games, and since 2010 they've been supplying their Neo-Geo back catalogue too. RetroCollect has sifted through 'em, and here's 5 of the most interesting.
Last Updated ( 09 October 2012 )

5 Timeless Reasons To Still Own A Commodore Amiga On Its 25th Anniversary


2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the Commodore Amiga 500’s release - and as many of you know, the machine was home to some of the greatest adventures of the 16 bit era. While the console-kids can talk for hours about their flagship mascots, Amiga owners have more than enough reason to shout about their time with the epic home computer.

Last Updated ( 25 September 2012 )

Retro Gaming Shops - Level Up! (Quiggins, Liverpool)


As the RetroCollect Squad continues to search the United Kingdom for retro gaming specialists, we were pleased to stumble upon a well stocked classic game shop situated in the heart of Liverpool. In the basement of Merseyside's quirky alternative shopping centre, Quiggins, Level Up! held plenty of reason to venture down.

Last Updated ( 23 September 2012 )

Rise And Fall Of Psygnosis - 5 Of The Best From Britain's Finest Studio


With the recent closure of SCE Liverpool, many a gaming tear was shed.  Founded in 1984 by two members of Imagine Software, Psygnosis were responsible for many of the great titles that adorned the golden age of computer-based gaming.

Last Updated ( 17 September 2012 )

Why A Sega Fan Cannot Deny The Loveable Lure Of Nintendo's Kirby


My first video game console was a SEGA Master System with Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and some years later I turned down the opportunity to get a PlayStation in favour of a SEGA Saturn and Sonic R. I even got a Dreamcast over a PS2! Anywho, as a kid, the words "Nintendo" and "Mario" never really registered in my vocabulary, a [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 September 2012 )
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