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Retro gaming is a culture and that's something you can't deny. The lifestyle is much more than just the games themselves, so understandably we've got a lot to say about them. Get our top lists on the best and worst games around, view our guided tours of retro gaming shops or even take a seat as we delve into gaming lore. Interviews are also up for grabs with game industry veterans, or should you fancy socialising...join the RetroCollect Retro Game Club.

Hot Button Topics: Nintendoom and Gloom, or Hype Machine Central?


More news outlets than ever before are speculating Nintendo’s demise as a player in the console market. If Nintendo’s cashing out anytime soon, it might be all our fault...

Last Updated ( 19 February 2014 )

Bidding Wars, Snipers & Split Second Scores: The eBay Game


It's 2am. You're laying in bed, the rain beats against the window and cats are fighting outside. Your partner is in a dreamless sleep on their side of the bed, yet you're wide awake. Your face is illuminated by the harsh white glow emanating from your mobile phone. Your heart is racing, your palms slightly sweaty. You pray your children don't wake [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 February 2014 )

10 Obscure Game Boy Advance Classics That Need To Hit Nintendo's Wii U eShop


With the news that Game Boy Advance games are finally coming to the Wii U’s eShop comes the inevitable shouts of titles people want for the service. So is this just your standard, by the numbers feature pining for the usual first party Nintendo titles and well known AAA titles to be ported across? Hell no. It’s time to look at the more ob [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 February 2014 )

Interview: Andy Swann of Twilight Games (Frog Dude & Alfred Chicken Developer)


The Mega Drive had Sonic and the Super Nintendo had Mario. In an age-old rivalry, the war between the blue blur and podgy plumber epitomised the 1990s video game industry at its competitive best. Sega and Nintendo were untouchable – but maybe, just maybe one British developer had an answer? Regular visitors to RetroCollect will no doubt be aware of [ … ]

Last Updated ( 08 February 2014 )

Gaming Memories: School Days & Video Games


Being at school in the 1980s was brilliant for me, not because I was subjected to the Comprehensive system of CSE's and O levels (some of you younger readers may have to be reaching for Google right now) or the fact our IT lessons were 10 minutes a week on a BBC model B that was wheeled in on a trolley with one squeaky wheel, taking 7 minutes to lo [ … ]

Last Updated ( 05 February 2014 )

Interview: Rodney Greenblat (Creator of PaRappa The Rapper)


Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind! These lyrics are all engaved in our gaming past thanks to PaRappa The Rapper's creator, Rodney Greenblat - but how exactly did a renowned graphic artist and his paper-thin rapping dog end up in the video game world?

Last Updated ( 01 February 2014 )

Interview: The Retro Gamer Who Made & Lost $100,000 In A Day


It had been a normal day at work for Stephen Ross, though he was selling something of quite significant value on eBay and he hadn’t had time to check it. Little could prepare him for what he saw when he turned on his phone; his expensive $5,000 'Nintendo cartridge' was now set to raise him over $90,000. Stephen was living the dream of every Retro G [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 January 2014 )

Does The Recent $100,000 Nintendo NES Cartridge eBay Sale Mark The End For Collectors & Retro Gamers


The value of video games is rising. This sobering fact is something both old and new retro gamers are unfortunately having to adjust to, making the hobby we know and love another ball in the budgeting juggle we all have to face. While we know the likes of the early Zelda and Mega Man classics are doubling in value, one recent sale of a competition [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 January 2014 )

Uncovering Sonic 2's Secrets: Finding The Hidden Palace - Part 1


When it comes to classic levels, few video games can beat the iconic arrangement of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. From the lush palms of Emerald Hill, to the murky waters of Oil Ocean and the intergalactic immensity of the Death Egg, Sonic 2 had the lot, emeralds and all – or did it? Of the six million gamers that purchased Sonic 2 during the Mega Drive’s [ … ]

Last Updated ( 10 February 2015 )

Press Start: A Three Hour Video Compilation of 8-Bit Nintendo NES / Famicom Title Screens

Press Start Nintendo Nes Title Screens Video Compilation

With countless NES and Famicom titles making up the back-catalogue of 8-bit classics, retro gamers today sadly have to live with the fact that there just isn't enough time during our lives to play through each and every release. On the plus side, a smaller time commitment compacted into a three hour long compilation of title screens from Nintendo's [ … ]

Last Updated ( 22 January 2014 )

Forgotten Heroes Of Retro Gaming: Bubsy


Hello and welcome to another foray into the world of forgotten gaming Heroes! Today we are going to be looking at Bubsy, the comical and slightly awkward Bobcat who has been missing in action since his last outing, Bubsy 3D back in 1996.

Last Updated ( 21 January 2014 )

Arcade Memories: Remembering Star Wars The Arcade Game


“The Force will be with you… Always…” - This mantra never once failed to lure me to be separated from yet another pair of 10p coins. It was 1983, I was 14 years old and had failed once again to walk past one of my favorite arcade games of all time. We are of course talking about Star Wars.

Last Updated ( 21 January 2014 )
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