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Retro gaming is a culture and that's something you can't deny. The lifestyle is much more than just the games themselves, so understandably we've got a lot to say about them. Get our top lists on the best and worst games around, view our guided tours of retro gaming shops or even take a seat as we delve into gaming lore. Interviews are also up for grabs with game industry veterans, or should you fancy socialising...join the RetroCollect Retro Game Club.

Nostalgia: Reviving A 20 Year Old M.U.L.E


Just how good does a game have to be that you wait 20 years to play it? This strange question was answered for me just this week following my acquisition of a RetroN5 from Hyperkin. Back in 1986 I worked as a shop assistant in probably the best place to buy Atari computers, games and peripherals in the UK, Silica Shop in Sidcup. I was there th [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 August 2015 )

Retro Gaming Shops - Warez (Winton, Dorset)


There are, perhaps surprisingly, a handful of retro gaming shops scattered across Dorset - with one of the largest being Warez in Winton. Opened in 2013, I personally stumbled into it completely by accident – only realising it existed due to spotting a R.O.B. in the window and investigating further. Near the end of the high street it has gaine [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 May 2015 )

Debate: Is Goldeneye 64 Actually An Arcade Game?


There is plenty of talk over the internet about Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64 and it seems to be split between several types of people. There are those that still love it unashamedly, those that think it plays like junk today and those that think all PC first person shooter games destroy it anyway and it wasn’t that big a deal. Here’s the crux t [ … ]

Last Updated ( 03 April 2015 )

Cart Wars - Episode 2: The Evolution of the Cartridge


Grab hold of your Game Boy Cameras, and get set to launch your Arwings as we take a journey to the scrapheap and beyond in the concluding chapter of 'Cart Wars: The Evolution of the Cartridge’ – a ‘bit-by-bit’ retrospective of the battles and the developments that shaped the destiny of the cartridge format.

Last Updated ( 01 February 2015 )

Thrill Of The Retro Gaming Chase: Not Everything Is Awesome


In this modern connected world of social media there's the general consensus that we know everything about each other's lives. Every moment is said to be photographed for Instagram, every witty thought shared over twitter and every social event becomes a Facebook status. The critics of Social media often say they "don't want to read what people hav [ … ]

Last Updated ( 01 February 2015 )

Amiibo Fever: Nintendo's New Take On 'Gotta Catch 'Em All'


For collectors, of video games or otherwise, there seems to be a need to prove commitment to something. You see it time and again if you do a search for "Amiibo Collection" on YouTube. Nintendo have somehow managed to market these plastic figures in such a way that buying just one isn't an option. If you want Amiibo, it seems you have to buy them a [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 January 2015 )

Cart Wars - Episode 1: The Evolution of the Cartridge


The video game industry between the late 1980s and mid-1990s was a fierce battleground. As the console manufacturers locked horns, a bitter conflict spanning the US, Europe and Japan was fought. Loyal allegiances were formed as bits fought bytes and processors grappled with pixel counts. Lives were lost and continues were consumed, but by no means [ … ]

Last Updated ( 06 January 2015 )

Games Cheating Gamers: When Retro Games Fight Back


It's likely as a retro gaming fan you have at some point played a Konami game. If, like me, you were also a fan of using cheats, then there is/was a famous cheat common to a wide range of Konami games - one which has since become famous for its long-running use. But what about those rare occasions when the developers turned the tables upside d [ … ]

Last Updated ( 16 November 2014 )

The Greatest Gruesome Gore-Filled Retro Gaming Moments


Despite countless reports over the years linking video games to violence, there’s a sheer lack of evidence connecting pixels to crime. Having said that though, you can understand why the dinosaurs in charge may begin to panic when our TV screens flood red… so let’s stir up some more controversy and celebrate our violent gaming past.

Last Updated ( 30 October 2014 )

Video Game Manuals & Inserts - A Thing Of The Past?


Something unexpected has crept up on me, something that has made me realise that I might be getting older, and for once I am glad that I have noticed it. I was going to start this article with something like, "Back in the day..." or "When I was young..." But I thought the better of it. Age has a way of creeping up on you, and when consoles that you [ … ]

Last Updated ( 23 October 2014 )

The Top 5 Scottish Characters In Video Games


With Scotland recently populating all the news channels with heated political discussions, we thought it was about time to shed some light on the greatest wee video game characters from up North! Believe it or not there's more than just the Highland Lemmings up there, so anyone even THINKING of using the phrase ‘Och aye the noo’ will end up on [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 October 2014 )

Are Save States Making Retro Games Too Easy & Modern Gamers Weak?


"Virtual Console is the perfect way to rediscover your favourite titles from yesteryear, or pick up a game you might have missed the first time around!" Or at least it is if Nintendo's website is to be believed. "Jump into classic adventures and even create a Restore Point at any time to resume your game later. Before [on the Wii] you could only re [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 September 2014 )
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