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The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: Martial Masters


IGS’s PGM arcade hardware is probably best known for its side-scrolling beat ‘em ups, and quite rightly too as they’re genuinely some of the best in the genre. You’d think though that there’d be more than three versus beat ‘em ups for the system then wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong but luckily 2001’s Martial Masters more than makes up for the PG [ … ]

Last Updated ( 20 August 2013 )

The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan


If Xuan Yuan Jian is the Dragon Quest of Chinese RPGs, then Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan (sometimes referred to as “Chinese Paladin” or “The Legend of Sword & Fairy”) is definitely Final Fantasy. Unlike it’s (slightly) more reserved older brother Xian Jian dives right into the deep end of the fantasy pool and draws heavily on Chinese myth and legend [ … ]

Last Updated ( 30 July 2013 )

First Person Green Hill Zone Animation Shows Sonic The Hedgehog's Perspective On The 16-Bit Classic


In 1991 nobody really questioned the perspective in which Sonic The Hedgehog was played out, or any platforming game for that matter. Today, however, with expansive 3D animation software at our fingertips, it was only a matter of time before somebody took a closer look at Green Hill Zone from the blue hedgehog's perspective.

Last Updated ( 29 July 2013 )

Legalities, Liberation & Legacies: Retrospective of the Super Nintendo RPG - Earthbound


Ness, our unlikely hero, is woken up abruptly one night to tremors and strange noises outside hailing from an unknown force. While he doesn't know it yet, our Earthbound adventurer is part of another all too common cliché – the one where a good hearted individual's life is turned upside down, only to be left responsible for the survival of mankind. [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 July 2013 )

The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: Chinese Collectibiles & Limited Edition Releases


Just like everywhere else, Chinese games often come in fancy limited editions or accompanied by a slew of merchandise. This article is going to give you a little taste of what’s out there and show you what Chinese gamers can expect to find when they open up a new game.

Last Updated ( 18 July 2013 )

The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: Xuan Yuan Jian


After introducing our all new feature on The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming, it's about time we dove into the deep-end and took a look at some of the compelling obscure titles on offer. This time around we're going to take a look at what you could broadly consider to be the Dragon Quest of Chinese RPGs – Xuan Yuan Jian.

Last Updated ( 07 July 2013 )

The Most Controversial Moments In Video Games: Part 1


Art is a reflection of human nature and any medium can act as a window to its dark side. Video games are no exception. Once the technology evolved to support more realism through sound and graphics, the grittier elements of certain games became hard to ignore - as did the controversies which soon followed suit.

Last Updated ( 07 July 2013 )

Games That Make You Go ARGHHH!! Volume 1


Remember the golden days of buying something you thought was a golden goose, but ends up being an ugly duckling? In this series - Games That Make You Go ARGHHH!! - we tackle the worst of the worst video games ever.

Last Updated ( 07 July 2013 )

The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: An Introduction


While we're all accustomed to the wonderful treats Japanese and Western game developers have given us over the last few decades, did you know that there is actually a healthy supply of video games hailing from elsewhere around the world? In an attempt to detail and discuss these obscurities, an all new article series opens up on RetroCollect today [ … ]

Last Updated ( 27 June 2013 )

A Survivor Is Born: Part 3 - Tomb Raider Retrospective


With Lara Croft’s newest outing proving to be her triumphant return to grace as gaming’s true leading lady, we've been taking a cliff-dive right into the swirling currents of Tomb Raider’s illustrious past.

Last Updated ( 25 June 2013 )

Pokémon Retrospective: More Than Just Child's Play


Yellow mice that caused thunderstorms. Singing balloons with enormous eyes. Fire-breathing puppies. Those were just a few of the weird and wonderful creatures you met on your quest to become a Pokémon Master. Even if you never made the journey from Pallet Town to Victory Road, no doubt you'll remember the cartoon, the movies, the card game and the [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 June 2013 )
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