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The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: Xuan Yuan Jian


After introducing our all new feature on The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming, it's about time we dove into the deep-end and took a look at some of the compelling obscure titles on offer. This time around we're going to take a look at what you could broadly consider to be the Dragon Quest of Chinese RPGs – Xuan Yuan Jian.

Last Updated ( 07 July 2013 )

The Most Controversial Moments In Video Games: Part 1


Art is a reflection of human nature and any medium can act as a window to its dark side. Video games are no exception. Once the technology evolved to support more realism through sound and graphics, the grittier elements of certain games became hard to ignore - as did the controversies which soon followed suit.

Last Updated ( 07 July 2013 )

Games That Make You Go ARGHHH!! Volume 1


Remember the golden days of buying something you thought was a golden goose, but ends up being an ugly duckling? In this series - Games That Make You Go ARGHHH!! - we tackle the worst of the worst video games ever.

Last Updated ( 07 July 2013 )

The Mysterious World Of Oriental Gaming: An Introduction


While we're all accustomed to the wonderful treats Japanese and Western game developers have given us over the last few decades, did you know that there is actually a healthy supply of video games hailing from elsewhere around the world? In an attempt to detail and discuss these obscurities, an all new article series opens up on RetroCollect today [ … ]

Last Updated ( 27 June 2013 )

A Survivor Is Born: Part 3 - Tomb Raider Retrospective


With Lara Croft’s newest outing proving to be her triumphant return to grace as gaming’s true leading lady, we've been taking a cliff-dive right into the swirling currents of Tomb Raider’s illustrious past.

Last Updated ( 25 June 2013 )

Pokémon Retrospective: More Than Just Child's Play


Yellow mice that caused thunderstorms. Singing balloons with enormous eyes. Fire-breathing puppies. Those were just a few of the weird and wonderful creatures you met on your quest to become a Pokémon Master. Even if you never made the journey from Pallet Town to Victory Road, no doubt you'll remember the cartoon, the movies, the card game and the [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 June 2013 )

The Untold History Of The Championship Manager / Football Manager Games


While to some the Championship Manager series (now known as Football Manager) is nothing more than a glossy spreadsheet featuring football facts, to others, it's a religion, a blessing and a curse. Knowing this, we head into the deepest cells of the databasen driven series documenting the very roots of this intricate series.

Last Updated ( 28 May 2013 )

Sega Splash! Golf and the Sega References You Missed

Golfing, but with Sega. That seems to be the mission statement of Sega Splash! Golf, an online-only game that entered closed beta in November 2007, and survived until Februrary 2009. What did we lose when it closed down? A whole load of Sega references, that's what. [Warning, image-heavy article ahead!]

Last Updated ( 07 May 2013 )

Lucasarts News Report Takes Us Back To The 1990s


If local news stations in the 1990s were to believed, video games were still a futuristic form of entertainment. In an attempt to explain this modern technology to the masses, several channels sent their reporters out to sit down with the fabled Lucasarts to find out more about their ground-breaking adventure games. Much to our surprise, somebody h [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 April 2013 )

A Survivor Is Born: Part 2 - Tomb Raider Retrospective


With Lara Croft firmly cementing her status as the Queen of modern gaming, it seems only right that we cliff-dive into the very roots of a series that helped define a genre.

Last Updated ( 07 April 2013 )

A Survivor Is Born: Part 1 - Tomb Raider Retrospective


With everyone’s favourite femme-fatale parkouring her way back onto our now consoles this month (and in truly spectacular style), it seems like it’s about time we took a closer look at the colourful roots of a certain Ms. Lara Croft.

Last Updated ( 17 March 2013 )
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