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Retro Game Hunting: Rome, Italy


It is said that all roads lead to Rome. If you've ever visited the city, it's easy to see why mainland Europeans might've wanted an easy route there. No other European capital sports such a wealth of historical curiosities. From its incredible feats of human engineering in The Pantheon and The Colosseum, to some of the world's best loved pieces of [ … ]

Last Updated ( 15 November 2016 )

Is The Golden Age Of Finding Retro Games At Car Boot Sales Over?


Summer is nearly here, which means only one thing for the retro gaming fanatics - it's time to set your 5am Sunday alarm and go hunting for car boot sale bargains! Excitement aside, are carboots really the gold mine they once were with the value of vintage gaming goods just a click away for your average seller?

Last Updated ( 12 June 2016 )

Rarity Hunting & Retro Game Shopping Tour Of West Japan

file 0073

There has been a lot of talk recently of the decline of the retro game scene in Japan, particulary with regards to the now famous Super Potato in Akihabara. Where once the shelves were bursting with old software, now they are looking noticeably less full, especially with regards to systems such as the PC Engine. But Tokyo is not the be all and end [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 May 2016 )

Event Review: Play Margate 2015 (Kent)


In the baking 30 degree Kent sun the beaches of Margate are filling with sandcastle making children. But while this may be the traditional family fun day out, It's hard to imagine anyone would see the crowd of excited gamers at Play Margate and still believe that playing Video games is a reclusive hobby. There's a buzz of excitement in the air [ … ]

Last Updated ( 29 August 2015 )

Retro Gaming Shops - Warez (Winton, Dorset)


There are, perhaps surprisingly, a handful of retro gaming shops scattered across Dorset - with one of the largest being Warez in Winton. Opened in 2013, I personally stumbled into it completely by accident – only realising it existed due to spotting a R.O.B. in the window and investigating further. Near the end of the high street it has gaine [ … ]

Last Updated ( 14 May 2015 )

Amiibo Fever: Nintendo's New Take On 'Gotta Catch 'Em All'


For collectors, of video games or otherwise, there seems to be a need to prove commitment to something. You see it time and again if you do a search for "Amiibo Collection" on YouTube. Nintendo have somehow managed to market these plastic figures in such a way that buying just one isn't an option. If you want Amiibo, it seems you have to buy them a [ … ]

Last Updated ( 18 January 2015 )

Damaged Goods: Why Retro Gamers Should Learn To Love Worn Cardboard Boxes & Poor Condition Classics


"I'm really sorry" read the email from the eBay seller, "the corners of the box are a bit worn but otherwise it's in perfect condition". There really was no reason for the seller to be sorry; this was exactly what I wanted to hear and I put a bid in immediately. In the antiques world there's a word for this appealing damage; Patina.

Last Updated ( 04 September 2014 )

Store Tour & Interview: Level Up Games! Canterbury, UK


Whilst on the way to GEEK2014 a few months ago we stopped by Canterbury on the day for a surprise visit to Level Up Games!

Last Updated ( 22 April 2014 )

Does The Recent $100,000 Nintendo NES Cartridge eBay Sale Mark The End For Collectors & Retro Gamers


The value of video games is rising. This sobering fact is something both old and new retro gamers are unfortunately having to adjust to, making the hobby we know and love another ball in the budgeting juggle we all have to face. While we know the likes of the early Zelda and Mega Man classics are doubling in value, one recent sale of a competition [ … ]

Last Updated ( 28 January 2014 )

The Ultimate Retro Gaming Store Locator & Shop List (with Map)


Since 2011 RetroCollect has been gathering data on independent video game retailers who specialise in retro games, along with countless online stockists too. As of today we've finally put everything together and created the must have guide for retro gaming road trips - the ultimate list of retro gaming shops, all carefully plotted out on Google Map [ … ]

Last Updated ( 07 January 2014 )

Largest Collection Of Video Game Merchandise & Memorabilia Certified By Guinness Book Of Records


While many of us here at RetroCollect are able to showcase a collection hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of retro games, there is one collector out there who happens to have a certificate declaring the largest collection in the world. This accumulation, however, doesn't consist of retro games... it's made up of video game memorabilia and toys.

Last Updated ( 21 January 2013 )
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